Hugs by Stanley: Keeping You Safe from Day 1

“One day if you have kids, you will understand.” Whenever I would tease my mother about being over-protective or getting worried about me, I would hear those words.   We protect the things that are important to us, and go to extra lengths to ensure their security. Stanley Healthcare ensures that level protection can begin day one with their Hugs baby monitoring system.

Hugs is an electronic baby monitoring and tracking system that allows the hospital to monitor a child’s weight, heartbeat and additional information relevant to their caregivers.  The Hugs tag will alert hospital staff if it is not securely attached to the baby, allowing the staff to identify potential issues with the child’s health or safety.

The Hugs tag allows for seamless transfer of the infant between floors of the hospital, allowing for expedited treatment as needed without compromising security. Anti-tampering alarms, exit alarms, and unauthorized out of unity alerts allow the staff to locate infants quickly anywhere within the hospital.

Leveraging existing wireless internet infrastructure, the Hugs tag system adds a layer of security to the most vulnerable patient’s in the hospital. The Hugs tag can be matched with an optional, corresponding Kisses tag that is used to matched the infant to it’s mother.

The Kisses tag is equipped with an audible indicator to immediately confirm a match between mother and infant when they are in proximity, even if there are other infants in the room.  This ensures that every infant is safely with the correct parent every time they are brought together.

Hugs by Stanley Healthcare is leveraging the Internet of Things to secure one of the most precious connections: that between a mother and their child.  Simply by adding sensors, hospital staff and parents can now leverage data to ensure the health and safety of a newborn child.  IoT provides them with the answer to the question: is the child alright?

What question can IoT begin to answer for you today?  How can data help you understand and improve upon your day to day? Contact our ClearObject team and discover what IoT can do for you.

Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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