Ensuring Secure Connections

The Internet of Things relies on connections between devices and wireless infrastructure.  Connecting your “things” to the internet allows them to share their information and data, informing other “things” within the network to enhance performance.  With everything plugged into a wireless internet system, security can become an issue.

For starters, high value items (such as laptops, phones, etc.) come with an extra layer of built in security, but sometimes smaller connected devices (toothbrush, children’s toys) are not as protected.  Additionally, with almost every “thing” having internet capabilities, more and more gateways to your system are available to individuals with malicious intent.

Smart home networks can be especially hard to protect, and can provide access to much larger targets.  Recent denial of service attacks used personal computers, phones, and other connected devices to break down large scale targets with repeated attacks.  So how can you ensure a) your personal information/device security is not compromised and b) your personal network is not leveraged as part of a larger cyberattack?

Developers are working on solutions, such as Kaspersky’s Smart Home and IoT Scanner.  This unreleased mobile app aims to inform the user (via mobile interface) if any new devices connect to their network, detect open ports, and identify weak settings or passwords.

This type of scanner would work proactively to establish potentially vulnerable aspects of your home system, allowing you to reinforce your security before any attacks.  In the event of an unfamiliar device attaching itself to your network, the scanner’s notification system would allow you to act quickly and minimize any potential damage.

Proactive security options in a totally connected and accessible world allow the benefits of IoT to be fully realized while maintaining safety and privacy for users.  How can you leverage security solutions to enhance and protect your IoT offerings?  Contact the ClearObject team and begin a discover session today. 

Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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