Elevate your Travel Mug Game with Vessyl

During the summer months, almost everyone can be seen carrying a water bottle of some sort, providing quick and accessible relief from the summer heat.  What if your beverage container was IoT enabled?  What if that bottle was providing you with real time data on your hydration levels, the types of beverages you had consumed throughout the day and the overall number of calories consumed via beverages?

Vessyl is the 13oz. smart cup, created by the company Mark One, that can recognize any beverage you put into it.  Vessyl analyzes the calorie count, caffeine content and overall nutritional value of your beverage.  It then feeds the data back into your personalized mobile dashboard, various connected smart devices and displays it on the cup in real time. Vessyl is capable of identifying almost any beverage, and this includes homemade beverages, various types of wine or beer, soda, etc. Vessyl can detect even the most nuanced differences between beverage types, even distinguishing between Gatorade flavors.

The data generated also informs the user of their unique optimal hydration level, something the Vessyl team refers to as your “Pryme”. This personal hydration goal is based on your weight, your height and gender as well as a variety of factors collected from user input.  Your “Pryme” level will be displayed on the side of the Vessyl, and can be viewed by tipping the cup away from you.

This is accomplished through sensors that analyze the beverages at a molecular level, running the results through a series of complex algorithms.  Aside from providing real time data, the Vessyl will analyze your consumption patterns over time and will develop a greater knowledge of your drinking habits and hydration needs.  The Vessyl app also allows you to manually enter beverages that are not consumed directly from Vessyl, ensuring that the end analysis is inclusive of everything you consume on a daily basis.

To the naked eye, Vessyl is a sleek, albeit slightly futuristic looking, cup. There are no distinguishing features that would alert you to its enhanced abilities. Vessyl is elegant and intelligent, blending its technical purpose and practical function effortlessly.  While it is currently still in development, the potential of this product is fascinating, as well as the potential for development of similar technology for other purposes.

No matter the product, the industry or the idea, leveraging the power of IoT can lead to revolutionizing your day to day. Contact our team to find out how to put your data to work as part of a Connected Solution.



Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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