Connected Solutions: Cookout Edition

With summer well underway, here are some helpful gadgets to make sure your cookouts are not just a run of the mill barbecue, but a connected experience from start to finish!

  1. The Quirky Refuel developed with GE

This nifty gadget is a Bluetooth enabled propane tank scale that allows you to check your propane levels from anywhere through a mobile app interface.  The app will also send you an alert when your tank is running low, making sure that you can refuel before the next BBQ.

  1. The iGrill Mini by Weber

Everyone knows that a there is no greater cookout calamity than dry, charred meat.  With the iGrill mini, you can monitor the temperature of anything on the grill from your phone, allowing you to play host and enjoy your company while you wait for the perfectly cooked main course to arrive.

  1. The Grill Cleaning Robot

When the cooking is done, the last thing you want to do is lean over a hot grill and clean it off. With the Grillbot, you can simply set this robot down and let it do its thing!

  1. The pHin by ConnectedYard

Make sure your pool is always ready for a good post-burger cannonball with the pHin, a connected pool monitor that tracks water chemistry and temperature. You can receive deliveries of pre-measured single dose pods filled with your unique chemical balance so that you never run low on what you need to keep the pool open.

The power of connectivity can help you unlock the data produced by objects you use in everyday life.  At ClearObject, we believe that a connected system is the most efficient, effective and convenient way to begin putting that data to work.

Much like our IoT cookout, your objective can often be achieved through connecting isolated or disconnected elements, joining them together to leverage the power of their collective data outputs. Contact our team to learn how a custom, cohesive IoT solution can start changing the way you do business from start to finish!

Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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