Over the years, our mission, expertise, and potential have evolved. We have grown our team, we have new ideas and we have new resources. Now, it is time for our identity to better reflect those abilities and assets.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that effective today, CloudOne is now ClearObject.

2. What is ClearObject?

ClearObject is an IoT systems innovator: we disrupt the way you do business, without interrupting your organization. We put your data to work. We connect your “things” to the enormous potential of the Internet of Things.

3. Why are you changing from CloudOne to ClearObject?

We have the same entrepreneurial drive, we have the same focus and we have the same unwavering dedication to our customers. We want our name and image to showcase all that we have to offer; we are more than a cloud company.

Still have questions?

Learn more at: https://www.clearobject.com/we-are-now-clearobject/

4. Is the address changing?

No, our headquarters address is still the same.

ClearObject, Inc.

8626 East 116th Street, Suite 300

Fishers, IN 46038

5. How does this impact my environment?

No existing customer environments or Customer URLs will change.

6. What happens with the URLs in the environment that have “oncloudone.com”?

Customers who have URLs which use oncloudone.com or oncloudone.net will continue to work without any planned need to change. Please reference clearobject.com/support for any support or billing questions.

7. Has the bank account number changed?

No, you can continue to use the account number you have on file.

8. What if I just mailed a check payable to CloudOne. Do I need to reissue a check? 

No, there is a grace period that you will be able to make checks payable to CloudOne. But please make a note to have future checks payable to ClearObject.

9. What if I have questions or feedback?

Of course! Feel free to contact the following:

Regarding the rebrand: marketing@clearobject.com.

Support: support@clearobject.com.

Financial matters: finance@clearobject.com.

Human Resources: careers@clearobject.com.

Public Relations matters: Jennifer@porchlight.com.