Bringing Sustainable Farming Home

I say farming, you say “Midwest”.  It’s no secret that the Midwest, and Indiana in particular, serve as the agricultural epicenter for the United States.

Indiana is also home to Purdue University, a school who’s agricultural and technology programs serve as cornerstones for the institution.  It is only fitting then that their students are behind Hydro Grow: an innovative blend of farming and technology that ushers in new-age growing.

Hydro Grow has created a commercialized hydroponic grow tank that is designed to fit seamlessly into the average home.  This tank can be customized to grow the produce desired by the consumer, directly impacting the supply/demand chain of food production.  Rather than settling for the produce items that are in season, or wasting money and soil on vegetables that no one will buy, Hydro Grow’s Gropod generates a tailored harvest.

In one of their most recent iterations, the Hydro Grow team has further integrated technology into the pod, equipping it with advanced analytics capabilities. Using complex algorithms, the pod will identify what plants are growing within and tailor the environment to maximize growth, making real time adjustments based on data stream.  A mobile application allows remote monitoring, adjustments, cleaning and alerts to reach the user no matter when and no matter where.

This innovative approach to farming not only allows a family to have a tailored produce selection, but contributes to the overall sustainability initiative. The ability to shrink and mass produce a practical solution to hunger has wide ranging implications for a variety of global issues, including world hunger.  It allows plants to find a nurturing environment in even the harshest of climates.

Connected farming is just one of the many ways IoT is disrupting established industries.  Learn more at our IndyIoT Conference!

Clare Maher

Clare Maher is the Product Marketing Manager at ClearObject. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College (#gobelles), Clare can usually be found yelling at the screen during a Notre Dame game, quoting any film ever made or touring the Indy restaurant scene.

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